Plataran Bromo Marathon Xtravaganza 2019
31 Aug 2019
East Java
5KM/10KM/Half Marathon (21KM)/Marathon

Join and celebrate Plataran Bromo Marathon Xtravaganza 2019!


Hosted at Plataran Bromo from 31 August - 1 Sept 2019, Bromo Marathon Xtravaganza will showcase the beauty and unique local culture of the Tenggerese people of East Java, as well as hosting an exciting marathon competition. The event is set to feature a range of cultural events, including live music by Gigi, exhibitions of Tengger artwork by Sanggar Adi Laras, a Masterchef challenge in collaboration with Indonesian Chef Association and national TV, a Reog Pasuruan Festival, custom bike competition and fireworks.


The centrepiece of Plataran’s Bromo Xtravaganza is the annual Bromo Marathon; officially titled ‘Plataran Bromo Marathon Xtravaganza 2019’, the event is set to welcome around two thousand participants of all ages, abilities and nationalities.  The race itself will be divided into several categories: Full Marathon (42 km); Half Marathon (21 km); and Fun Run (with 10 km and 5km options). Each race will start and finish at Plataran Bromo, where many competitors are also planning to make use of the resort’s accommodation, dining and spa services during their stay. This will be the second year in succession that Plataran Bromo has hosted the race.


For more information please call Fauzi +62 821 1274 2193 or Suprapto +62 822 3438 6771


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Kategori jarak: 5K, 10K, 21K, 42K

Informasi lomba: https://www.plataran.com/event-detail/plataran-bromo-marathon-xtravaganza-2019 

Registrasi lomba online: https://www.plataran.com/event-detail/plataran-bromo-marathon-xtravaganza-2019 

Registrasi lomba offline: Plataran Bromo, Tosari, Wonopolo, Ngadiwono, Tosari, Pasuruan, Jawa Timur 67177

Kontak person registrasi lomba: Fauzi (+62 821 1274 2193) ; Suprapto (+62 822 3438 6771)