Halimun Salak Trail Run 2020
29 Mar 2020
West Java

This race was first held in 2015 and after three years, it is the time for Halimun Salak Trail Race to reborn to accommodate beginners level trail runner for a great trail race without any qualification, fun with moderate level of elevation gain and the eagerness of sensation running at mountain. But this race will still be challenging for elite trail runners who seek for podium and money prize. There will be special prize for 18K category. And also the feeling of a dejavu, you will be running at your starting point.


The route starts along the path from Javana Spa area at 1150 metres height and continue uphill to the national park area to reach 1450 metres at its highest, through a rocky terrains and surrounded by rainforest vegetation.


Let the rain fall and the track will transform into a more beautiful yet challenging track with its small rivers and flowing water. At the 5th kilometers you will meet Kawah Ratu, a beautiful natural crater with astonishing landscape, surrounded by spacious white rocks of hills, steaming sulphur gases, bubbling water, and rivers. The 11k course will take you back downhill at the same route after you pass the main crater, meanwhile 18k course will lead you to reach Pasir Reungit before you take turn and back at the same route heading to Javana Spa.


Mount Salak has been a popular hiking destination for its 7 summits as its unique mountain contour. This mountain known as a part of Gunung Halimun Salak National Park, one of rainforest conservation at Java, and it is a home for thousands species of flora and fauna as well as its water springs.


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